The impact of Materials Science and Engineering on innovation in the field of components for low-carbon energy and transportation is considerable. Problems related to the durability of solutions, economic sustainability, are often strongly related to the choice of materials and their production process, which has a very important impact on performance during use all along the lifetime of the components. Therefore, the advanced manufacturing concept integrates the entire value chain, from eco-design to recycling, and even recycling at times, taking into account a number of environmental, social and resource management factors or energy sobriety. That is the systemic presentation that is the core of the AMETIS international school.

AMETIS school will focuses on three emerging processes, and on their possible synergies that can initiate innovations or incremental advances. After presenting an integrated vision of additive manufacturing, the latest advancements in surface engineering and nanomanufacturing technologies, the school will focus on the convergence of these technologies as a source of innovation for advanced energy manufacturing and transport.

The courses are designed for young researchers, PhD students, post- doctorates and engineers, already having a Master of Science in materials engineering as a background.

Three families of emerging processes, their possible synergies and the new generic methodologies for rapid discovery and optimization will be studied.